Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Top- Korea (Star 101) | Shorts- Zara | Jacket- Cotton On | Shoes- Forever 21

This was taken near a hospital in Seoul, and in light of the MERS outbreak, we were indeed, quite scared. Anytime we were near a hospital, we either ran past it or avoided it completely. It was laughable, but we honestly did not want to get MERS. I held my breath in hope that maybe if I don't breathe the particles in, I won't get it? Here is the birth of theory no.1: If you closed your mouth and nose (literally pinch it), the particles can't get in, because it's respiratory, right? This might be extremely naive, but tell me where the fault is. I'm genius (unless MERS is not actually only respiratory, and obviously this is flawed since you can't not breathe) (don't actually take my theory seriously) (please deal with my occasional (read: regular) babble) .

This shirt can be considered a favourite of mine since I got it. It was 35HKD (!!!!!) and somehow, its simplicity is flawless. It's loose, but not too loose and comfortable. The red makes it not so boring, and if you haven't already noticed, I like to match colours, so this was perfect! Let's be real, I only bought it because it was 35HKD, but it was money well spent. 

I often wonder how much of the reason we travel is to take photographs. If you're a photographer, then of course, it's your job. But when you go somewhere like a graffiti tunnel or a park, how much of your time is spent taking photographs, and not actually enjoying the moment?
I'm 100% guilty of this, but I think the first step to stopping it is to be aware of it. Capture your photos, but remember that the view is better without the screen.