Friday, July 24, 2015


Top- Japan | Skirt- Maple | Shoes- Zara | Earrings- Stylenanda

My trip to New York City has come and gone in more than a flash. A million thanks to my best friend and NYC partner in crime, Brian for taking these photos and being with me 24/5 (my trip was five days :) ).

I said on Instagram (check it out for all my NYC photos!) that this top will blow you away. Reason being- it has padding. A bra is not needed. Let me reiterate. For all my ladies out there, I repeat, this DOES NOT require a bra. Bless the makers of this top. Segway-ing into my realisation that my boobs are small enough to not actually need a bra with padding (!!!) which led to me buying a good six bralettes when in New York. More segway-ing into my realisation years ago that having a flat chest is a gift. I hear the stories of the big-breasted, and I cry for you. I used to loathe having no boobs and was constantly envious of those with the opposite. Until one day I realised that it is actually so much easier to live with small boobs. Sure, sometimes shirts don't fit very well, especially strapless ones or this top I'm wearing even, but in my general living of.. life, everything is easy, compared to what I have heard of the big boobs.

Bottom line is, appreciate your body and your assets. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Top- Korea (Star 101) | Shorts- Zara | Jacket- Cotton On | Shoes- Forever 21

This was taken near a hospital in Seoul, and in light of the MERS outbreak, we were indeed, quite scared. Anytime we were near a hospital, we either ran past it or avoided it completely. It was laughable, but we honestly did not want to get MERS. I held my breath in hope that maybe if I don't breathe the particles in, I won't get it? Here is the birth of theory no.1: If you closed your mouth and nose (literally pinch it), the particles can't get in, because it's respiratory, right? This might be extremely naive, but tell me where the fault is. I'm genius (unless MERS is not actually only respiratory, and obviously this is flawed since you can't not breathe) (don't actually take my theory seriously) (please deal with my occasional (read: regular) babble) .

This shirt can be considered a favourite of mine since I got it. It was 35HKD (!!!!!) and somehow, its simplicity is flawless. It's loose, but not too loose and comfortable. The red makes it not so boring, and if you haven't already noticed, I like to match colours, so this was perfect! Let's be real, I only bought it because it was 35HKD, but it was money well spent. 

I often wonder how much of the reason we travel is to take photographs. If you're a photographer, then of course, it's your job. But when you go somewhere like a graffiti tunnel or a park, how much of your time is spent taking photographs, and not actually enjoying the moment?
I'm 100% guilty of this, but I think the first step to stopping it is to be aware of it. Capture your photos, but remember that the view is better without the screen.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Top- Top 10 | Shorts- Korea | Shoes- Korea | Sunglasses- Korea

I've been playing around with Photoshop lately (these two days) and although I am still rough around the edges (literally), it has been fun. That is also a little sneakpeek as to what my future social media accounts hold! Not that soon though, so don't jump at me yet. Yet.

Of course every single thing I am wearing is from Seoul (sorry). After days of shopping and going back to shops twice (thrice in some cases), I've concluded that they all sell very similar things. But I was so happy to have found these pair of shorts. I found a similar pair on Asos a few months ago, but never bought it, and now they don't sell it anymore. When I saw these, my eyes widened and it was love at first sight. Which is why I bought three. Black, white, blue. Be assured that I have zero regrets because they were less than 200HKD each. Bless the sweatshops' soul (oh god i'm joking i really hope these weren't made in sweatshops or korean sweatshops).

This summer has been nothing short of hectic- fun hectic. Endless travelling and lunches with friends, more importantly, sitting at my computer doing what I do best.. absolutely nothing. Somehow, I am still sleep deprived and tired all the time. I need to stay inside more. That's not something you hear very often! I've truly been having the time of my life though. I am happy 99% of the time (that is no exaggeration) and although I am still awaiting my results (one more day!!!!!!), I am, as my grad book says, as happy as a bird with a french fry.

Check out my where I've been on Youtube!

May you be content, my friend.