Thursday, June 18, 2015


Top- Korea | Skirt- Korea | Shoes- Topshop

Photos (except the one outside Stylenanda) taken in Insadong.

My attempt of trying to recreate Jenn Im's Instagram photo just days after she was sitting in that same chair. Not to mention, speed walking around Hongdae in my attempt to find Stephanie of Soothingsista and Jenn, only to realise days later how bloody big Hongdae is.

As the title suggests, my soul is still in Seoul. I relived my happy memories today by having some toppoki and oden, but it's just not the same as having it on the street where you point and say, "How much?" and then oggle at how cheap (or expensive) it is.

My soul also wishes it was back in Seoul for the sake of my body. The wonderful weather that Hong Kong does not have. The dry, cool weather that Hong Kong is the complete opposite of. I prefer to not have sweat dripping down my face, back and butt after only five minutes outside my house. If i wanted to swim I would have gone to the pool. Not swimming in humidity and my own sweat. Also, a sun that gives you a tan when you've been sitting two hours in the shade.
Thanks, but no thank you.

Soul in Seoul, for all the Korean food I have yet to eat.