Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Top- H&M | Skirt- Korea | Shoes- Topshop | Sunglasses- Korea

First of the outfit posts of my trip to Seoul. 
Taken by the all amazing Larissa when we were on our graduation trip, which is now over early due to MERS mersing up our trip...
These pair of shoes will be appearing a lot in the next few posts- beware.

Seoul, despite being just another city, isn't just another city. Its immense lack of rubbish bins, large Chinese population and questionable smoothness of roads is what makes this city so unique. I learnt a great deal about Korean culture in my nine days there- like how restaurants want you to order a certain amount of food per person otherwise they get angry, and how KPOP is extremely misleading regarding the appearance of Koreans (sorry). Besides the one cute oppa (oppa saranghae!!!) we saw in a shop, no other cute oppas were seen. There is also a large conforming nature regarding the appearance of girls- light coloured hair, straight eyebrows, coloured lenses.

Ewha Women's University (Edae in short) is just one (although in my opinion, the best) shopping district in Seoul. Cheap prices and "Made in Korea" being the selling points, how would you not be sold? The university also has a truly beautiful campus and honestly Seoul is just a beautiful place. Greenery is very important to me and I think Seoul managed to squeeze that in well.