Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blue Butcher

From Salad Buffet Station

If I had a bigger stomach I would have eaten more. They have a nice range of veggies with salmon, steak, fruit etc.

Black Angus Burger

Tender. Especially liked the buns- very soft! Sadly could not finish the burger. There really is a lot of food. The fries were also unlimited and we ordered one extra bowl but we couldn't even finish that. Fries not as good as McDonald's fries of course (so far I have not found any that are as good).

Southern Fried Chicken

Personally enjoyed the chicken more than the fries. I'm more of a chicken person to be honest, so biased opinion. The batter coating was very crispy and the chicken very tender. The sauce also went very well with it (and with the fries). Would recommend.

Truffle Fries

Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

Good stuff. A little too much salt in my opinion, which kind of overpowered the caramel taste a little bit.

A trip to Blue Butcher in Sheung Wan for lunch cost ~$200 service charge included.
You can take a look at the menu here.

General Score:

I think for the lunch set, the price is definitely worth it. Sorry, nothing was extremely WOW but would definitely would go back.