Saturday, April 11, 2015

Smoke Less

A little outfit inspo to brighten up this weeks rainy weather.. (not to mention cold?!)
(click photos for items)

Get the orange poppin'! 

I like balance, in both fashion and my life, and I think the white vest balances the crazy colours happening with the dress and the shoes.

We are entering male territory, although to be quite honest I'd wear this. I thought the shirt was kind of funny. (why are the shoes for men nicer than the women ones??)

Again, I would wear this. The turtleneck love is neverending, despite our now 'summer' (or is it autumn??)

All of the shoes shown are available for presale here!
They are all from a newly established footwear brand Standfor. Their goal is to combine fashion and meaning, with their new collection being the "Smoke Less" campaign.

I believe that there is a distinction between smoking conventional cigarettes and things like shisha. Both are bad, putting it out there now, but the quantity in which you smoke has much more of an effect than what you smoke, in my opinion. 

If you fancy any of these shoes, please do click in to have a look. The hole may seem a little weird at first, but the hole represents the hole in your lungs if you smoke too much (here we see me using the skills I have learnt from IB English).

just smoke less omg it's bad for you ok