Friday, April 24, 2015


Donald calls this one "the katie"

Top- H&M// Skirt- H&M// Blazer- Initial// Shoes- Nike// Earrings- Monki

I wear these earrings at least once a week and I have zero shame because they are the best and literally go with anything. Best investment of ONLY TEN DOLLARS!! Bless Monki sales.

Today was the last day of high school and it hasn't hit me yet. I am sincerely glad it ended on such a good, happy, sentimental note though. At the moment I can't tell you if I'll miss it or not. I 110% will not miss IB let me tell you that first (God please let me reach my offer).

This is the closing of a six year chapter of my life.
What I consider one of the most important few years in life, I spent here. This is where I grew, both physically and mentally. Where I decided to start a fashion/life blog and where I fell in love with the creative world.
With the closing of this chapter, I am about to open another. And I'm ready to take on what the world has to offer me.

The rest of the sentimental shit and pictures will come in a later post. This shall be it for now.