Monday, March 2, 2015


Top- Uniqlo// Pants- Bershka// Cape- Massimo Dutti// Shoes- Zara

Taken by Miss Chan of Komorebi/Charmaine Chan Photography.

I have to admit that my outfit was not as on point as I wanted it to be on this day. My floral pants threw it off a bit, but I'm just going with it.
I do really like this cape though. Mom has been really into capes recently because of all the capes that the girl in My Love From The Stars wore (great show by the way, Kim Soo Hyun deserves a honoured mention).

The title of this post is dedicated to the book I just finished reading, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer. I won't go into an in depth review about it right now, but I will give my brief opinion.

It's confusing at times because I don't know who's point of view the writing is from. It can get boring , but there are also some very worthy and thought provoking bits that I think make the boring bits okay. This book is less about the actual storyline, but the lessons from the storyline.
The ending could have been better, it was quite underwhelming.
I apologise if this made no sense to you. It makes sense in my head, which may not necessarily translate to words.