Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Cheryl: Top- Zara// Pants- Zara// Zara (lol)
Mildred: Top- H&M// Pants-H&M// Shoes- Bershka// Earrings- Monki// Necklace- Forever 21

This is me missing Singapore and holidays.
I have a lot of things to say about school and IB, but this is not the time and place for that.

Taken in the hot, humid Singapore, typing now in the cool, humid-er Hong Kong. Two countries I call home, and both I in fact have seen very little of. I am very aware that three of all the photos above are of food, and if that isn't the best depiction of Chinese New Year I don't know what is.

I've come to a realisation that everything, and I mean everything, is an exploration. Numbers are as indefinite as what I'm going to have for breakfast tomorrow. Numbers are infinite, tomorrow's breakfast depends on circumstances of exploration.

Exploration One- I've been exploring my fair share of restaurants recently, I even found Hong Kong's version of Nandos, but that for another time (seriously though, my post will be worth waiting for).

Exploration Two- My IB theatre experience. This is something we had to do for class, and despite my dislike for school and the like, I learnt things (wow shocker) and I can genuinely say that it has helped me as a human being. My confidence has grown significantly and I am actually able to approach people and introduce myself. Still working on my ability to hold a conversation though.

Exploration Three- My fitness levels. I go to the gym fairly regularly, and I realised that I wasn't feeling satisfied afterwards. I've realised that, although during my workout I was feeling tired, I was not pushing to my limit, which resulted in me not working as hard as I had thought and feeling like I hadn't done anything afterwards. The conclusion here is- don't work till it hurts, work till it BURNS.