Friday, February 20, 2015


All taken by BCHK.

I am wearing Wing Print Jacquard Poly Silk Dress in Burgundy from Shanghai Tang.

If you live in Hong Kong, Shanghai Tang is no mystery. Its most notable existence was the large building on Pedder Street in Central that I not once stepped into until it became Abercrombie & Fitch a few years ago.
Shanghai Tang to pre-teen and toddler Mildred was nothing but an extremely Chinese, oriental store that sold expensive things. Those descriptions are still relevant, but pre-teen Mildred had no interest in Chinese culture. Teenager-almost-adult (haha) Mildred now is very interested in Chinese culture and the fashion. 

It started about a year ago when I bought these two dresses from Zalora. I'm wearing the white and blue one today! Zalora has some very nice Chinese/qipao inspired clothes that I am really considering buying. The only problem is the quality- questionable quality and sizing is slightly weird. But for the price, quite alright I think.

Embrace your culture, kids. Or if you're a TCK (third culture kid, I learnt this in Geography last week *laughing crying emoji*), embrace all your cultures!

Happy Chinese New Year!
希望你拿到多多的红包 :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You Me

To think that
The world revolves around me
Would be a foolish thing to

But we were told
From a young age
Bed bugs bite and
There are monsters under our

So why am I still here?
Did the bed bugs not bite?
The monsters eat

The world revolve around me

We were taught
From a young age
Mommy loves you
Daddy loves you

Am I
To have thought
The world revolves around you

Sunday, February 8, 2015

One Lovely Blog & Liebster Award

I was nominated for both the One Lovely Blog award as well as the Liebster award, so I thought I'd combine both.
Thank you to Sunny Dei and Komorebi for nominating me!!

(queue random photos from my library)

One Lovely Blog Award
7 Facts About Me:

1. I will fall asleep in class regardless of whether I enjoy the subject or not
2. I have very dry feet and like to peel them a lot

3. I was not always obsessed with cats despite that being hard to believe

4. I've always wanted to be a writer, also hard to believe since my writing is appalling I am fully aware
5. I believe that a lot of things start with learning to love and appreciate yourself

6. I pout when I think
7. Device organisation is very important to me (e.g. how clean your desktop is)

Liebster Award:

1. How did you start blogging?
I started blogging when I was about 10, but back then blogs were to express your personal feelings and the content was for you and maybe a few friends.
I started this specific blog because I was inspired by Zoe Suen of Fashiononymous. You might call it cliched (kind of) but that is how it was and I have never regretted the decision! 

2. Favourite piece from your wardrobe?
*deep sighs*
Either my black and white pants,
(this photo is from on of my first posts on this blog, the throwback is real)

long-sleeved crop top,

or my pink coat.

3. Songs you love to jam to?
At the moment they are:

...and the whole If I Stay soundtrack.

4. Most memorable moment as blogger
The Backroom 2 Year Anniversary party where I met a lot of new people and introduced myself as a blogger!

5. Where do you draw inspiration from?
Everywhere. Mostly people on the street, clothes in stores, and whatever I see on the internet.

6. How do you plan a shoot?
I pick outfits as I would a normal day but for more than one day. That's literally it.

7. Dream travel location?
There is no one specific location, however, I do have my top ten.
Click here.

8. Favourite places to eat?
McDonalds (oops), Subway, Maxim's City Hall, Home

9. Any future plans for your blog?
Yes, but they are undisclosed at the moment. Hopefully will be revealed this year!

10. Wise words for any bloggers?
Blog for yourself, and blog because you enjoy it.

11. Have you learnt anything about yourself through blogging?
I've learnt that I am the least eloquent person lol and that photoshop is not my forte.
But most importantly, rather than learning something, I watch myself grow through my blog, and I think that that in itself is a lesson worth blogging for.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Recent Updates

I love doing posts like these about what has been happening in my life recently. Specifically this one because it is a reminder to me of all the wonderful things that happen in my life and I am so incredibly blessed.

I met IAmKarenO!
She's such a cutie and her hair is ultimate hair goals. Four months until my hair changes!!! The excitement is unreal. 

I attended my first ever fashion show at Hong Kong Fashion Week. This was the Shanghai Tang closing show and I always admire the mix of modern and traditional Chinese clothes. The experience was phenomenal. It was 20 minutes long, which surprised me because I thought they were longer. I loved watching the way the models walked and the new collection of clothes. It only strengthened my desire to design clothes, and I don't see that as a bad thing!

In addition to a wonderful show, I was wearing, as the caption says, "head-to-toe Alexander McQueen and Valentino rockstud shoes". I felt so expensive (which I was) and the classiest ever. I wasn't wearing makeup, but I felt like a million dollars anyway.
Thank you so much to Lifestyle Asia for featuring me on their 10 Best Dressed at Hong Kong Fashion Week 2015 list! It was such an honour. 
Special thank you to BCHK as always.

My mock exams ended! Let us rejoice and welcome my final exams in May. 
I spent two whole days with my friend where we took two classes at Epic MMA, adopted food babies, made almond butter and banana bread and discussed the beauty that is Kim Soo Hyun.

I ran a 10KM race for the first time! I honestly think that this is the first time I've ran more than 5KM continuously. The feeling of accomplishment afterwards is so worth the pain. This race only reinforced my "fitness is pain" point from my previous post. This took so much mental self-reassurance and encouragement, and of course, physical stamina. If my estimations are correct, I walked ~2KM of the 10, and I think that's pretty good! I'm proud of me, and I've accomplished something great!

I went to Tokyo for the weekend and of course, I had a great time. How could you not, when in Japan? Most importantly the food and convenient stores are everything you need in life, and if you don't go to Japan for the food, sorry, you're really doing something wrong.

I am thankful for everything and everyone!