Monday, January 5, 2015


happy in tokyo

Top- Taobao// Overalls- Singapore// Shoes- Singapore

I went to Tokyo during my break in October with a few of my friends.
We literally had one full day there. So yes, it was extremely eventful albeit hectic.
We went mostly shopping, some sightseeing, and food, obviously.

I haven't been to Tokyo in a very long time, but Japan is always one of my favourite places to go. Mostly for the food.
I wouldn't mind getting fat in Japan.

I made a vow to myself that I wouldn't wear overalls.
Yet here I am.
My excuse is that my mom bought it and was hoping I'd wear it, but after I said I wouldn't, the overalls just hung there, not being touched. And obviously I can't let clothes be not worn!!
Neglect of clothing is a very serious matter.

Thank you to Brian for coming with me and taking these photos <3

(This is also my first post of 2015, so happy new year!! May this year be the bomb diggidy.)