Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wired Cafe

Location: Shop 1403-04, 14/F, Hysan Place, Causeway Bay

We were torn between Amaroni's and this since they are right next to each other. Next time I know to choose Amaroni's.

According to OpenRice, this is a Japanese restaurant. Which confuses me even more, since from start to end of my meal there, nothing about it struck me as Japanese.

Dessert came first, no complaints. Dessert is an all-day thing.
This was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
The 'pancake', to me, tasted a bit like a souffle (not the puffy bit). This is the Apple Caramel Dutch Oven Pancake. I think.
The mountain you see in the middle is a mountain of cream. A little bit disappointing, but the rest of the dish made up for that.
It's soft with a nice crunch of biscuit and almonds, not much apple taste, but yummy nonetheless.
(possibly biased because we were quite hungry- or i was)

Chicken and chips.
Sounds quite simple, nothing you can mess up right?

Chicken was good. But it was 3/4 fat, 1/4 meat.
I ate it anyways.

The problem I had with this were the CHIPS. 
Cold, a little bit hard, dry.
My school canteen can do better than that.

Unless you like the combination of mushrooms and tomatoes, don't get this.
It's weird, I don't know how else to put it.
My tastebuds were confused.

This was nothing like it's predecessor, the dessert dutch oven pancake (above).
I personally think that it is simply the combination of these two that made it especially weird and dissatisfying. There are so many other combinations of food out there, even more generic ones. 
Ham and cheese? Beef and ______? (i ran out of ideas)

General Score: 4/10
This was my first time and we did only try three dishes, so maybe there are others that are better. Perhaps one day I'll give this restaurant another go.
This restaurant only got a general rating of 4 because the dessert pancake pulled it up a little.

*sincerely apologise for lack of posts and videos! there will be a lot more coming, i'm going to bali for a school trip tomorrow! (today because it's 1am)