Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Waiting For Autumn

I apologise for the lack of posts (specifically outfits) lately, school has been so hectic. I also cannot really promise any outfits soon, but I do post regularly on my Instagram!

I should probably mention that these outfits are based on Hong Kong autumn. Which is almost non-existent since it basically goes from summer to winter here.
These outfit combinations were created out of my yearning for autumn with sweat, and the inability to work on school work.

(click photos for outfit details)

No A/W lookbook is complete without a dark lip. Let's be real.
My obsession with turtlenecks has also grown exponentially since autumn started everywhere else in the world (that have autumn) and Hong Kong is still warm. Very warm.

Since last winter I've been looking for The Perfect Trenchcoat. The one in the photo is what I would describe as The Perfect Trenchcoat. I have two trenchcoat-like coats in my closet at the moment, although neither are as perfect as this. 
One day.
Also, joggers. Highly approved of by me because they are the stylish sweatpants. They could technically be considered sweatpants, but my version of sweatpants are a lot baggier than that.
Creepers are quite subjective, I've come to realise. I've also grown to like them. Which is why I recently ordered a pair off Taobao, which you will probably see soon.

Do yourself a favour and buy a sweater dress for A/W.
I saw one in Zara the other day and I knew. 
It's so easy to wear, so incredibly comfortable, and you can bundle yourself in it.
I have yet to get a sweater dress myself, but know that it too, is coming.

I am aware that this is also a turtleneck.
Like I said, the obsession is real.
You have no reason to not feel fierce when wearing this.
Stompy heels and a varsity jacket, you are queen, my friend.

If you decide to wear any of these outfits or have taken inspiration from them, please send me photos!
Twitter and Facebook are preferred.
You can also check out more outfits I put together here!