Friday, September 5, 2014


Top- Urban Outfitter// Shorts- Bershka// Shoes- Zara

Thank you Nat Tao for taking photos for me hehehe.
These were taken at the Quintessence auditions which is a charity show held by a few of my friends, so check it out!

These are my friends. Bud buds. Homies. Shorter-than-mes.
We call ourselves MANS, which is just a combination of our initials. Very creative, right?

I opted for a very colourful look with some tie-dye and weird patterns.
Despite being a libra and always needing balance (it's true), fashion doesn't always have to be balanced.
I'm gonna wear a multi-coloured top with multi-coloured shorts because I feel like it.

I made the mistake of wearing the wrong underwear with these pair of shorts.
You can't see it in the photos because I strategically hid them in my shorts (I rolled it up). They were a bit too long and these shorts are a bit too short and those two do not go together so well. Commence excessive butt touching and shorts pulling.

September needs to end right about now.
My work load is a rocket that only keeps going up.
However, this stress and workload makes me very productive and makes me feel very good about myself.