Thursday, July 10, 2014

SpyLoveBuy Wishlist

I recently stumbled upon SpyLoveBuy which is an online shop selling purely shoes.
To give you an idea of what they sell, I put together some outfits with their shoes. 

Click on the photo to view the shoes.
240 HKD

Click on photo to view shoes.
440 HKD

Click on photo to view shoes.
260 HKD

To find out where the other items are from, click here.

I personally think that their shoes are very reasonably priced. 
Shipping to the UK is free, but shipping to Hong Kong is 140 HKD per item. So obviously it's best to ship to the UK.
My favourite has to be the shoes from the first outfit. They are holographic and pink and give me the extra height I don't need so naturally I am attracted to them.

Check them out! They have all the shoes you see on Tumblr and on fashion blogs and it's kind of really cool.