Monday, July 7, 2014


I guess this could be considered the first official post of Summer 2014.

Shall we begin?

@ Photoshoot

Had a photoshoot in the morning at the Khoo's residence. 
I'll link it or take photos of it when it comes out in the actual magazine. All I can say is, hella big, hella many cars, hella attractive.
I pray to god no one from the family ever sees this.

100% lap dog

Ice cream is always necessary when in Singapore


Brewerkz @ Riverside Point

We then went to Brewerkz for dinner where I had a burger. It was a hella big burger. 

Do you know what you get in Singapore?
You get fat.

Fireworks because NDP rehearsals are happening.
(Singapore National Day is August 9th)

Cat Cafe @ Boat Quay

AND THEN we went to a Cat Cafe which made me miss my cats hella alat.
The cats were so cute, and some of them were so incredibly fluffy!!
But it honestly does not compare to having your own cats and being with your own cats.

Top- H&M// Shorts- Bershka// Shoes- Nike// Necklaces- Taiwan & Instagram

Credits to Maria aka Cheryl for most of these photos <3

I posted a photo of these shorts on my Facebook and lots of people seemed to like it!
They are from Bershka.
If you buy them as well I might kill you but I mean idk take your chances right?????
I saw them and it had 'Mildred' written on it and I was like yuuuuuuup.

'Hella' final count: 5 (or 7 if you include my title)