Saturday, July 26, 2014

How Many Waffles Have I Had?

Can we just take a moment to enjoy these almost-tumblr-esque photos?

Look at my hair though!!!!


So close to being tumblr-worthy

Cycling at East Coast

Top- H&M// Shorts- Bangkok// Shoes-Adidas

-Another day-

Marine Barrage

That Singapore skyline though!?

*laughing after burping and caught in the act*


Yum @ Island Creamery

Top- //Shorts- Lefties// Shoes- Topshop

Having been in Singapore for almost a month now, I feel like I have the authority to say a few things.

One that I would like to point out is, the lack of vegetables in an average Singaporean's diet. I am comparing the Hong Kong diet to the Singapore diet. Obviously there are people who willingly strive to eat vegetables, but in an average food court, the lack of vegetables is, interesting.
I don't know about other households, but also when eating at home, sometimes we will have no vegetables, or very little vegetables. (Is 'very little' the right phrase to use?)

I've concluded over this month that, the Singapore diet is generally more unhealthy than the Hong Kong diet. The amount of food I have consumed over this past month is.. many.
I've had waffles at least once every week. I think I might have even had waffles three times this week. It is Saturday now.
This month has been my 'eat whatever' month. Generally, any trip to Singapore is 'eat whatever' time.
I've gotten visibly chubbier. Although I'm not complaining, since the chubbiness was a result of good food. But I am hoping to lose it when I get back to Hong Kong.
Will future me be able to get off her butt and go to the gym every day?
I also really need to start on that holiday homework.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Recent Videos

Hi friends!
In case you've missed out (or you're not subscribed to me, in which case, ?!?!?!?!?! wut r u doin?!?!), here are some of my recent videos.
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I feature my Air Makeup here.

My school trip to Cambodia!

Trying the famous putting on pants without hands.

Day out in Singapore ft. Junwen!

How to wear a shirt, three different ways. (basic)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The high and almighty blueberry waffle

My aunt did my hair and very happy :) :)

Top- H&M// Shorts- Bangkok// Shoes- H&M// Necklaces- F21

Did many shopping and many damage to wallet. If it weren't for control, I would have bought the entire Singapore. 

Shopping in Singapore, Scape in particular is impeccable.
Minus the tax. Why you do dis tax??

We were originally going to go cycling but it started raining and so we (I) decided to go shopping.
I need to never leave the house so I can do less damage on the wallet.

Singapore has been not that hot recently, so my tank and shorts were purrfect for the weather. Also not sticky! A+++
I wore the shoes right after I bought them because they be nice and comfortable.
But your legs get hella tired after walking/standing in them for a long time.

(when will i stop saying 'hella'? i don't know)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

SpyLoveBuy Wishlist

I recently stumbled upon SpyLoveBuy which is an online shop selling purely shoes.
To give you an idea of what they sell, I put together some outfits with their shoes. 

Click on the photo to view the shoes.
240 HKD

Click on photo to view shoes.
440 HKD

Click on photo to view shoes.
260 HKD

To find out where the other items are from, click here.

I personally think that their shoes are very reasonably priced. 
Shipping to the UK is free, but shipping to Hong Kong is 140 HKD per item. So obviously it's best to ship to the UK.
My favourite has to be the shoes from the first outfit. They are holographic and pink and give me the extra height I don't need so naturally I am attracted to them.

Check them out! They have all the shoes you see on Tumblr and on fashion blogs and it's kind of really cool.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


A video and some photos from my trip to Cambodia.