Friday, June 27, 2014


Stage 1: Haircut

Stage 2: Bleach 1

Stage 3: Bleach 2

Stage 4: Bleach 3

Stage 5: Pink dye!

Final result

Originally I wanted a baby pink colour, but my hair stylist said that I would have to bleach my hair a lot in order to get the baby pink on. So I just went with bright pink.

No regrets though. I'm open to have any colour really.

This is my hair right now.
It has faded to a pinkish orange, which obviously is not as fabulous as bright pink, but I'm not complaining. I just generally like colourful things.

I spent about a week at school wearing a hoodie trying to cover my hair. During the last week I just gave up and let my hair shine. No one seemed to be against it. At least no one said so. Good enough.

Before school starts I'm probably going to cut it off and get a pixie cut or something similar to it. Not sure how that will look on me but, I'm free to trying anything. I really like trying new things, so why not, right?

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