Monday, May 26, 2014

Youtube FanFest Singapore 2014

First of all, I would like to say thank you!
I've been on this blog for two years now. I was going to post this yesterday, 25/5/14, but I didn't get home until 1 a.m. so it has to go up today.
I cannot thank everyone enough for everything and whatever support I have had over these two years. 
If you know me, you know I aspire to do big things, especially with my blog and youtube.
I will continue to blog and make videos until god knows when.
THANK YOU to everyone who has liked my Facebook page, subscribed to me on youtube, followed me here on blogger etc etc etc!

I cannot even begin to explain how magical this weekend was.
We got to Scape for the meet and greet with Jenna. I even asked one of the crew if we could switch the Troyler's meet and greet but they said no, obviously.

On the way up the escalator to Jenna's meet and greet, we met Tyler. 
me and Emma's reactions were priceless. 
We both said, "OH MY GOD" with really shocked faces and we literally froze and all I could say was "HI TYLER" and he said "Hi.." and then left. 
I felt so bad because he looked so scared!
We're sorry Tyler if we scared you!
No, we didn't get a selfie, that's why it's not in the collage.
Honestly, I didn't see him at first because he is so small! I didn't expect him to be so small but he is! He is small but still such a cutie in his polkadot shirt.

We were lining up to meet Jenna but I had to go to the bathroom so I went out.
I got out the door, and Lilly was there. Obviously I took the chance and went over to say hi. Took a selfie as well.
She didn't seem very happy though. I figured it was probably because she was jetlagged and tired. Same goes for Tyler. They both were not as energetic as you would expect.
I mean I'm not complaining because I still met them in person.
Lilly's makeup was FLAWLESS.
Props to you gurlfran.

Then we met Jenna!
She was great. Really.
She was so nice and friendly and because it was a legit meet and greet we got to talk more than usual.
We told her we came from Hong Kong and she was like "WHAT ARE YOU JOKING???". No. We were not.
I don't know what else to say.
She was so cool.
Lots of love, Jenna :3


"Which derp face?"

She said that this was a really good selfie technique. I agree.

Oh my god.
I cannot even begin to.
I can't.

"Why do girls hang out in odd numbers?
Because they can't even."

We finished meeting Jenna and so Emma and I were walking out. We peeked into the room where Troyler were supposed to be but we didn't see them so we left.
We walked around the corner.
And Troye.
Was there.
And then.
I nearly died.
I was like, "TROYE!" and then I went up to him and hugged him and his sweater was the softest thing in the world and then I took a selfie with him and I genuinely think I look stupid but I'm going to ignore that because LOOK AT HOW FLAWLESS THIS BOY LOOKS.
I really hope I didn't smell. Singapore is so freaking hot.

I got home early today because I didn't have class in the afternoon.
And after filming a few videos I just sat down and watched all of Troye's videos. Starting from the first one. No joke.

If you ever stumble across this.. Did you get my notepad in Singapore?

My goal from the start of planning this trip was to meet Troye. And Tyler. But more Troye. Sorry Tyty.
Never in my life would I have thought that I would.

Lots of love to my baby Troye.

Hallo Sean!


Ryan! I've actually met him before when he came to Hong Kong. I don't remember if I've posted a photo so I'll post it again.


Ice cream sandwiches. Durian flavoured ice cream. Yes.

Singapore fishball noodles yes.

Beautiful day at Scape!


The number of people outside the hotel......

Fullerton Bay tanning.


Beautiful morning on Singapore river!

I cannot express how thankful and blessed and happy I am for simply being able to go to Singapore for YTFF, let alone meet all of these phenomenal Youtubers!

P.S. Video compilation coming up soon!