Thursday, May 15, 2014

Waffles | Sushi | Ice Cream | PMQ

Today was an exam day. Did I go out anyways? Yes.
Massive cramming commenced yesterday.

I went to Wafffle! first because well I was hungry. Considering how much waffles generally cost, I think this was relatively reasonable. This is great if you like belgian waffles. It was ~$28 for the normal waffle and another ~$15 for unlimited toppings. The waffle is slightly larger than palm-sized. I guess the unlimited toppings made up for the kind of pricey waffle.
It was good though. I like waffles.

Then I went for sushi at Itacho Sushi. Because why not, right?

Then I went for ice cream at XTC. Because why not, right?

Is this how obesity begins?

I quite like Itacho because they're quite cheap (sort of, in the sushi world they are).
I went to the one in Central opposite Pizza Express. I think it's quite new. There was no one there because I went in the late afternoon. The food came fast because there was no one there obviously. 
A couple of things that made this particular Itacho Sushi kind of special:

1. They didn't give us tea/cups. I really need my tea especially at sushi places.
2. I wanted to go to the toilet but there was someone inside and so I waited outside. The woman comes out and turns out it's the waitress. So I was like oh alright. I walk in and BAM poo smell.

Just thought I'd share.

XTC is and has been one of my favourite ice cream stores since I was young. I've always loved their mango sorbet. Try it. It's the bombdiggidy. I have a tub at home because you can buy them from Citysuper. I had the lychee today and that was also the bombdiggidy. Their ingredients are superb and there is so much flavour that you know is just not artificial. You can taste the real-ness.
XTC, props to you.

And then I went to PMQ!
I was surprised when I saw it to be honest.
It looks like a prison/school.
I expected it to be really modern, and in some ways it is, but it still looks like a prool (prison school?).
It looks really interesting. Not all the shops are filled up yet, but the ones that were there were cool. Lots of accessory shops. They're the fancy, expensive but not super high class type of stores. If you get my drift. If you don't then sorry. 
Not super impressed because well I'm a cheap ass and I only buy cheap things no shame.