Saturday, May 3, 2014


Top- Aeropostale// Skirt- Monki

Taken by BCHK of course :)

It has been confirmed that it is spring because it's hot in the afternoon and chilly at night. The best combination, I have to say.

I got this top a few years back when I went to New York. It's quite an awkward size because it doesn't fit exactly anywhere. It works as an off-shoulder shirt, but I feel very exposed with a shirt slipping off my body and possibly falling to reveal whatever I have to reveal. Don't be fooled by the knitting either. It's holey and may seem airy, but it's not that airy. It can get a bit warm. But all you have to do is flap your wings to air out your arm(pit)s.

This skirt is quite new, but I love it. Mother says it should be for more formal events but I disagree. It's holographic and freaking great. It's all the things I could ever want in a skirt- midi, pleated and holographic. I've got about three midi-skirts now and I have zero shame. Well maybe one shame. I love midi-skirts because:

1. You don't have to worry about revealing granny panties while going up the escalator or when the wind blows
2. You can wear granny panties
3. Have hairy or discoloured thighs? That's totally okay!

I hope that you are all midi-skirt converts now.

Thank you Dr.Chan.