Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Dedicated to Yves.

Tshirt- Pull&Bear// Skirt- Zalora// Vest- Forever 21// Necklace- Monki

As always, my title has absolutely no meaning.
Taken by BCHK, edited by me. Don't laugh at my editing. I try.

It's really bloody hot and humid in Hong Kong now.
It's like walking into a steam room. But unwillingly.

I call this necklace my ten chainz necklace. It literally has ten chains.

Yes this is a new vest. Don't judge me. It was on sale and I had to have it because it's mint, faux leather and quilted. Like my holographic skirt, it is three good things in one. What more could I want?
Gold. But we'll save that for when I get rich and famous aite.

My shirt actually says "I'm Your Superhero" with a cat superhero on it because if you haven't noticed already, I like cats.

Now here's a little review on this skirt. It wasn't expensive, less than $100 if I remember correctly. Generally it's okay. It fits, there are no holes (yet), nothing's broken (yet). However, I can tell you that the quality is bad.
This skirt came in one size. I have relatively big hips so it is a bit tight around my body. The material is so thin and not well sewn that you can actually start to see the sewing in the middle loosening.
On the inside, there are lots of threads everywhere and going in all directions. Not to the extent where things are falling apart, but to the extent that you know that the quality is bad.

I've realised that I always start off my posts with weather forecasts.

P.S. There are two hints at two new videos in this post. Holla!!!!!