Tuesday, April 1, 2014


 hello sean

Sweater- PINK// Leggings- Urban Outfitters// Inner Coat- Thrifted// Outer Coat- +J// Shoes- Topshop

We all know the sun wasn't actually shining today.
My photos are a lie.
It's been a gloomy-ass and stormy week here in Hong Kong and wohoho guess what, I'm sick!
That is besides the point.
It's really not cold enough at the moment to wear this, but we'll pretend it is.
I promise this entire outfit is comfortable.
Except maybe the shoes but shhhh beauty is pain.
My inner 'coat' is actually a dress and is also sleeveless. So far I haven't worn it as a dress though. It makes a nice extremely long vest. 
It is long, as you can see in the photos (so say, a maxi-dress for Naomi), so I wore a coat over it that was almost equally as long, so I didn't have some awkward lengths happening hurr and durr.
I also do not like wearing leggings as pants unless I have no choice (I give myself no choice), so here, my double coats cover whatever awkward happenings I may have around my crotch area! Not that I have many. But you never know. VPL is not cool. 
It's been raining cray cray these couple of days, except today, it was just damp and drizzly. There are puddles, however, so avoiding getting your feet/legs wet are definitely a priority. Here's where my heels come in!
Height so puddles don't splash (too much)- CHECK. Full coverage of foot and above- NO CHECK.
Yes there are cutouts so unfortunately these may not be first choice shoes.

These two weeks are heeeccccctic for me. Let excessive procrastination begin.
Wait sorry it already began.