Thursday, April 17, 2014


Shirt- Nepal// Skort- Forever 21

Taken by, of course, the supar talented BCHK.
Summer is practically here.
Honestly the weather here goes from cold to hot in about two weeks.
I'm glad the cold is over because I really rather be hot than cold. But then again I like dressing up for the cold weather because you just pile on clothes. Hot weather still wins.
The weather was great the day we shot, and the pier is definitely my favourite place for photos now. 
Brian told me that Margaret Zhang takes her own photos. I think that's absolutely crazy because I cannot for the life of me take my own photos.

I got this shirt from Nepal and it is hella rad because it's got Nepalese words and pronunciations on it. Not that I actually read it and learn from it...
Cropped it, then it became a crop top. Wohwoah.
Also, best skort ever. Read my full review here.
(tell me if you like reviews because i could totally do those)

ANOTHER REALLY COOL THING is I got to the front page of Chictopia (not anymore) and style gallery and it was freaking amazing and I was so happy. I also gained about 30 followers on Chictopia so that's pretty cool.