Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Super Lazy Day Hairstyles

Hello friends!
For those of you who prefer reading, carry on.

De-Oil Your Hair:

This is a combination of the few de-oiling techniques out there.

  1. The night before- Comb and blow dry your hair. This will help spread the oil and blow drying will help with volume .
  2. The next day- Blow dry and comb your hair again. Then use dry shampoo.
I touch my hair a lot, which is really bad but I can't help it. It adds to the greasy hair a lot, so I like to put my hair up.

The best bun technique is to use a donut.

  1. Put your hair up in a high ponytail.
  2. Put the donut through your hair.
  3. Spread hair equally around donut. 
  4. Put hair tie over hair and donut.
  5. Twist excess hair around donut and hair.
  6. Put hair tie over everything.
Ta da!

Hairstyles Using Clips:

  1. The Double Clip
    Like the Miranda Styles way, accentuating the beautiful highest parts of your hairline. The main purpose is that it gets my hair out of my face, so it's totally okay that I look like a kid. I am technically a kid.
  2. The Side Clip
    The most common and also a really easy one. Actually all of these are really easy. Side part hair, grab a section of hair, then twist it and clip it to the side/back of your head.
  3. The Pin-It-In-The-Back Clip
    Middle part your hair, take a section from each side, however much you want depending on what style you want. Join them at the back of your head, twist it a few times, then clip it. This works better with bigger clips.

And there you have it! You probably already knew most of these. But if you didn't, I'm glad.