Wednesday, March 26, 2014


i never knew i could do this face


Top- Bangkok// Pants- H&M// Shoes- Pedro// Necklaces- Forever 21

This post has absolutely nothing to do with mops.
Today was warm!
It's getting warmer now, but according to Hong Kong Observatory, the temperature is going down again. (if it does then i can post my old outfit posts from when the weather was cold hehe)
It was a little cold today, in the morning and a bit in school, but it wuz ok.
I am brave.
And my long pants compensate.
Also this top is the freaking bomb.
It's awkward in certain areas (like the zip in the back that doesn't go down all the way) but overall it's comfortable and NAICE.
When the wind blows (anyway the wind blows) my top does fly up though, so I have to hold it down.
Because this is a crop top, I have to wear my one and only high-waisted pants, but I think they go great together!
I'm also really liking my necklaces at the moment. I sorted out my jewelry collection the other day and now I LOVE it. Especially my new giraffe and arrow necklaces as shown in photos.
These shoes are also new.
They're super comfortable and they are so very pretty and my feet don't get sweaty in them for some reason. 
(i don't smell)
Today is Epilepsy Awareness Day! (hello sop hie)
Which is also why I'm wearing purple. It's purple but it's not obvious.
Epilepsy is a thing.
I hope you are aware.
Because it is Epilepsy Awareness Day.
Lame jokes are my life.