Sunday, February 16, 2014


Top- Tally Weijl// Skirt- Cotton On// Inner Jacket- Uniqlo// Outer Jacket- Zara// Stockings- Romwe// Shoes- Topshop

Es war Sophie's Geburtstagparty!
My German may or may not be wrong, most likely wrong.
It was Sophie's birthday party!
This was meant to be a collaborated outfit post with Charmaine for the Lookbook contest but we were too late lulz. A collab with this girly nonetheless!
Click here for her post.
We went for the all black look (because that's what valentine's day is about right) except I have the additional leopard print.
It's been really bloody cold in Hong Kong this week. Colder that Italy, in it's own way. 
I wore something thicker throughout the day, and changed to this for the night. 
I was very happy that my furry Uniqlo jacket fit under my Zara jacket because it kept me a lot warmer. My legs were obviously no where near warm. Stockings, these stockings in particular do nothing for warmth. But they still are the cutest stockings EVER. I feel so cool (literally as well) in them and people always compliment me or are intrigued by them. 
My guilty sports tank was bought in Italy. Impulse buy. EXPENSIVE buy. Regrets still none. I love it. 
My shoes are really nothing special. These are my go-to shoes when I don't know what to wear. They're starting to get a bit tattered now which is a bit unfortunate but I will wear them till the day they die.
I really like the mixture of bad-ass, sporty, classy here.
Again, I had to take these photos myself that's why everything is just not very good.
Question to all the bloggers out there: How do you take photos of yourself with a tripod?!

Happy late V day! I hope at least one person told you they loved you. If no, well, I LOVE YOU!