Friday, February 28, 2014

The Truth

The truth is that our youth
have crazy minds like daisies

A daisy white and so bright
like the light that will bite
the knight that can't fight
the kite in the night

Broken not outspoken

Hearts with darts

Labyrinths filled with absinthe 

Toxic, so hypnotic, chaotic, melodic

Butterfly heads, multiply and multiply

A trip, loss of grip, slip

Your soul no longer whole
never whole, no control
drop, roll

Get out of the drought

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You CAN Pull It Off!

People always say to me, "Only you can pull this off".
I'm here to prove you wrong.

ANYONE can pull ANYTHING off.
Just because I have quirky style and am willing to try anything, people see me as the type of person to wear weird things, and I do.
But no, I am not the only one that can pull it off, you can too.
Nothing is limiting you. 
Except your size of course, find one that fits and strut it!
Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. You never know what you might find, and you never know what you might like or enjoy. 
Life is about taking chances, so take a chance with your clothing choice, take a chance with your sport choice, take a chance with food choice!
Fashion should be objective and not subjective.
Be brave.
No one is stopping you.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dressing Down Formal Clothes

How to make formal clothing casual!
Most people have the separation of casual clothing and formal clothing.
Assuming that the formal clothes are the ones less worn; why not incorporate both so you're not actually 'wasting' money?
Watch my video to find out how!

Outfit 1:
Shirt- Bershka
Pants- Forever 21
Jacket- Forever 21

Outfit 2:
Sweater- Topman
Pencil Skirt- H&M

Outfit 3:
Top- Bershka
Pants- Zara
Belt- H&M

Outfit 4:
Top- H&M
Pants- Nepal
Blazer- Forever 21

November-February Favourites

Instead of a photo post, I decided to do a video.
This is my first video so please pardon my bad everything.
Yes, I tend to do a compiled favourites video. My life is not that interesting.
Watch my video to be blown away by beautiful yellow lighting! (much sarcasm)

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Coat- Zara// Pants- H&M// Boots- Dr Martens

Not exactly the most fun post because these were taken post-dinner.
This outfit only looks somewhat more formal because of my coat.
I actually wore this to a barbecue and ehhh perhaps overdressed... but well.. dressed..?
 Mustard coat is actually mama's and I only discovered it recently so I decided to give it a go and I like very much.
I wore a grey sweater and tank top under for warmth, but still was not warm enough. Hong Kong weather is just, I don't know.
These pants are one of my favourite pants. I was very sad when I fell a couple of months back and ripped it. It's only a little rip which is good, but it also looks kind of intended, also good. The colour of it looks a bit off in the photos. It is actually a dark maroon-red colour with a nice idon'tknowwhatit'scalled pattern. For me, it's high-waisted because my hips are so big and therefore the thing cannot close properly there. I'm not complaining though, I like it being high-waisted!
If you've seen my magazine or have been following my posts for a while, you'll know that sometimes (most of the time) I like balance in my outfits. Or in my life. Both.
So to make my coat seem less formal, I wore my booooots and added my ear cuff from Sports Girl.
Because my boots are a bit too big for me, wearing fuzzy socks with them are the best in the winter.

OKAY I'm done, my previous post was an update post, so if you want to know what's new, go look!!

Friday, February 21, 2014



- I made a Facebook page!
(like it please)

- I made a magazine!

- BCHK reached 10,000 likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:O :O :O :O

- I won something on Sheinside that I will have a post/review on soon :)

- I am completely up to date with my CAS reflections lol
This is a legit update
Here is my IB blog

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Top- Tally Weijl// Skirt- Cotton On// Inner Jacket- Uniqlo// Outer Jacket- Zara// Stockings- Romwe// Shoes- Topshop

Es war Sophie's Geburtstagparty!
My German may or may not be wrong, most likely wrong.
It was Sophie's birthday party!
This was meant to be a collaborated outfit post with Charmaine for the Lookbook contest but we were too late lulz. A collab with this girly nonetheless!
Click here for her post.
We went for the all black look (because that's what valentine's day is about right) except I have the additional leopard print.
It's been really bloody cold in Hong Kong this week. Colder that Italy, in it's own way. 
I wore something thicker throughout the day, and changed to this for the night. 
I was very happy that my furry Uniqlo jacket fit under my Zara jacket because it kept me a lot warmer. My legs were obviously no where near warm. Stockings, these stockings in particular do nothing for warmth. But they still are the cutest stockings EVER. I feel so cool (literally as well) in them and people always compliment me or are intrigued by them. 
My guilty sports tank was bought in Italy. Impulse buy. EXPENSIVE buy. Regrets still none. I love it. 
My shoes are really nothing special. These are my go-to shoes when I don't know what to wear. They're starting to get a bit tattered now which is a bit unfortunate but I will wear them till the day they die.
I really like the mixture of bad-ass, sporty, classy here.
Again, I had to take these photos myself that's why everything is just not very good.
Question to all the bloggers out there: How do you take photos of yourself with a tripod?!

Happy late V day! I hope at least one person told you they loved you. If no, well, I LOVE YOU! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Thoughts And Feelings

My thoughts and feelings
Are the tangled knots in your hair that you can't brush out,
You pull and pull, but your brush gets stuck and it turns to muck.
My thoughts and feelings
Are the pimples you can't squeeze,
You keep trying, but in the end it'll just leave a mark with no spark.
My thoughts and feelings
Are the little pieces of wet tissue crumbling,
You try to pick it up, but the small white bits just never end and it's just a problem you can't amend.
My thoughts and feelings
Are the dust and dirt specks that never leave my computer,
You try to clean it, but they keep coming back, and go into the crack.
My thoughts and feelings
Are rain on a sunny day,
It's a beautiful day, but the clouds are grey.
My thoughts and feelings
Are the broken pieces of cement on the pavement,
Worn out from being walked on, it's once beautiful sheen now gone.
My thoughts and feelings
Are the bruises on a rotting orange,
Brown and black, like it's been under attack.
My thoughts and feelings
Are paper cuts from a blunt piece of paper,
It's soft and crumpled, but sharp like a knife not crippled.
My thoughts and feelings
Are static from a radio,
You can barely hear anything, but you're still listening.
My thoughts and feelings
Are things I cannot and will not say.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Breathe, breath,
slow death.

Eyes, lies,

Head, bled,
tangled thread.

Heart, art,
sharp dart.

Pleat, street,
go, retreat.

Tangled, mangled,
I am strangled.

Ski Trip- Dolomites, Kiens

(these photos are not in chronological order, apologising in advance)

Torch walk with proper fire torches!

Photos from my trip to Italy!
This was a school trip and I actually had more fun than I expected. The first day was absolute crap I will say, but after that, I had a blaaaaast. 
I ate a lot.
If you want to know about the deets of my trip, click here!