Sunday, January 26, 2014



Romper- Pull & Bear// Cardigan- Abercrombie and Fitch// Cat Ears- Instagram Shop

Ok I'd give myself maybe a 3 for effort.
Every blogger needs one of those bad quality, phone-taken posts in a while (maybe).
I went out today so I didn't bring my big camera and therefore used my phone. The quality isn't superbly bad is it? This is a Samsung S3 camera.

It's end of January and apparently it's spring here now. I like spring. BUT the thing about Hong Kong spring is that, mornings and nights are cold and excessively windy, the rest of the day is 25C. I wore two thin layers today and it was enough.

This is what I did today: Lunch at Le Creperie, university fair, Belchers to visit.
I'd say this was the perfect outfit for a chill day.

I wore my heeled booties as well which are really nice but can hurt a bit after a while (keyword: a bit). But they were not so great when I was running for my ferry.

My romper, that can look like a dress a lot of the time, is quite short because I underestimated my height when buying it and not trying it on. This happens sometimes. That does not stop me from wearing it though because it's beautiful.

Since I posted my nails in this, I'll talk about that too. 
On my nails I have the Ciate Chalkboard Paint Pot and Mattnificent Top Coat. You are actually meant to draw something on it with the markers, hence CHALKBOARD. I tried that and failed so I just decided to go for the matte black thing. I am generally just really shit at nail art. Yeah, matte is pretty cool. But anything oily you touch makes your nails shiny and weird. The only downside. The other downside is they chip really fast.
Okay goodbye.