Friday, January 31, 2014


Top- Forever 21// Skirt- H&M// Shoes- Marks & Spencer

Am I like this every day?
That is questionable.
Photos taken by the wonderful Donaldmanny.
If you know me, you'll know that I've been really really prone to cold this winter/autumn. It's been getting warmer here, but the mornings and nights are still cold, which makes it extremely hard to dress and not freeze in the mornings and not burn in the afternoon.
If you've seen my previous post where I wear this top, you'll know that I don't particularly like this top because of how short it is. 
I tried to compromise by wearing my neon orange skirt high-waisted, but still, short. I don't wear this skirt often actually, but it is nice. Like I said, I am incredibly prone to cold, so leggings are a necessity. I also needed them for my performance that night so.
Yes, I am EXTREMELY glad it is over. This performance has taken so much time, and so much of my time, I am so, so glad it is over and that everyone who came to watch enjoyed it (thank you for coming!).

P.S. I'm going to Dolomites today, get ready for lots of photos and hopefully videos too!

Sunday, January 26, 2014



Romper- Pull & Bear// Cardigan- Abercrombie and Fitch// Cat Ears- Instagram Shop

Ok I'd give myself maybe a 3 for effort.
Every blogger needs one of those bad quality, phone-taken posts in a while (maybe).
I went out today so I didn't bring my big camera and therefore used my phone. The quality isn't superbly bad is it? This is a Samsung S3 camera.

It's end of January and apparently it's spring here now. I like spring. BUT the thing about Hong Kong spring is that, mornings and nights are cold and excessively windy, the rest of the day is 25C. I wore two thin layers today and it was enough.

This is what I did today: Lunch at Le Creperie, university fair, Belchers to visit.
I'd say this was the perfect outfit for a chill day.

I wore my heeled booties as well which are really nice but can hurt a bit after a while (keyword: a bit). But they were not so great when I was running for my ferry.

My romper, that can look like a dress a lot of the time, is quite short because I underestimated my height when buying it and not trying it on. This happens sometimes. That does not stop me from wearing it though because it's beautiful.

Since I posted my nails in this, I'll talk about that too. 
On my nails I have the Ciate Chalkboard Paint Pot and Mattnificent Top Coat. You are actually meant to draw something on it with the markers, hence CHALKBOARD. I tried that and failed so I just decided to go for the matte black thing. I am generally just really shit at nail art. Yeah, matte is pretty cool. But anything oily you touch makes your nails shiny and weird. The only downside. The other downside is they chip really fast.
Okay goodbye.

Ways Blogging Has Helped Me

  1. I no longer care about other people's negative opinion about me
  2. I am not afraid to be myself (sweeggggg)
  3. I am able to be comfortable in my own skin (in a way also a bad thing i guess because i just eat shit and don't exercise anymore ops)
  4. I can express my feelings very poetically 
  5. It makes me happy and I like laughing at my own photos (stop judging me)
  6. My hips DON'T LIE and I've come to embrace my big hips
  7. I think of ways that I can help the world with my writing
  8. I (slowly) am getting better with the tripod (i still hate you though bye)
  9. I've learnt that people are willing to accept weird
  10. I talk like I write (in my outfit posts not poems i don't talk in poetry) and people find me funny and that makes me happy
  11. Simply getting views makes me happy because I know people are looking at my stuff, and I don't care if you're bashing me behind my back either
I am an extremely spontaneous person and I started this blog on the 25th of May 2012 (my blog says May 2007 i'm not sure why). I've had many blogs in the past that I wish not to talk about because thinking about it makes me cringe. But then again, I wish they were still around because really I don't remember half the things I did last week, let alone six years ago. I'm happy I made this blog because I get to share everything here (except my deepest darkest secrets sorry) and this is literally every way in which I express my emotions. Besides my tumblr. This isn't even my one year or two year anniversary but it doesn't matter. Making this blog was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's like my two (three?) loves made a baby. I'd really like to thank everyone that has supported my blog since the start, and thank you to everyone at school especially my year for being so nice about it, and to all my Facebook friends for.. not saying anything! I mean it in the best way possible.

If you want to know more about me you can ask me questions here. I don't bite except sometimes all the time.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Live Now

Live now, not later.
Don't hide, be greater.

Live now, not before.
There is so much more.

Live now, now is a present.
A present, money well spent.

"Depression is living in the past, fear of death is living in the future. So why not live now?"

Every Night

Every night the same stars shine,
Every night I think I'm fine.

Every night my thoughts run wild,
Every night I am still a child.

Every night my silent weeping,
Every night my heart still beating.

Every night my blood-filled veins,
Every night I am still in chains.

Every night I scream in fear,
Every night no one will hear.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Shirt (it's actually meant to be a dress)- Taobao// Leggings- Cotton On// Jacket- Uniqlo// Scarf- Nepal

The title is a pun.
Photos taken by Emma because life.
So my Taobao package arrived a few weeks back and I've been holding off wearing all the clothes all in one go because new clothes am i right.
This 'shirt' is actually meant to be a dress, but because of my height (fun fact i am ~176cm tall) it is a shirt. One of my new favourite shirts! I'm really into these type of 'dresses' now and the frilly cuffs are pretty cool. 
I wore a tank top inside and a furry jacket because it's quite cold in HK at the moment.. For me.
I call these my dolphin leggings because they're shiny and weird. I got them last year (or two years ago? who knows. time is weird.) and at first people kept saying they were weird or cool (mostly weird) but now everyone likes them and I'm just like fyeah get out I was totally in on this first. I don't actually do that but you get my drift.
I'm not going to apologise for the intense weirdness of these photos because "this is real, this is me". And also, today Ankie said to me that it's nice to see my photos because they're different from all the other fashion bloggers who have the same model-esque face/pose/body so yknow U-NEEK (unique just in case you didn't get that). Not that I was thinking about not posting them but I mean sometimes I'm like ach wish I had more professional photos. 

PS. Ankie says I should have a Facebook page. Should I? Or should I wait until I've reached.. a higher level of popularity idk.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Top- Topshop (ha ha)// Skirt- H&M// Jacket- Bauhaus

Ola Amigos
I did not edit any of the photos at all. Ops. 
This is what I wore to a dinner buffet the other day which I can tell you was not that great of an idea. First of all I got cold at night. But the most obviously stupid reason- it was a BUFFET and I was wearing a PENCIL SKIRT. 
"Yes my food baby is now four months old."
Other than that I really liked this combo because it wasn't that cold that day. Another thing about pencil skirts though, especially ones that are knee-length- they restrict movement.
Please excuse the really bad skin and excessive amount of cat hair. If you have cats you'll know what it's like.
I wore my super casual but super comfy Sperry Top-Siders because I didn't want to look too formal.
NEW FIND: ZALORA is now selling RIVER ISLAND on their website!! (wow much cool) They also have cash on delivery so you don't have to pay in advance (more cool). Here are some items I found that are the SHABAM:
From left to right: