Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bali' 14

In October (I am aware that it is now December, I am just a very inefficient person), I had my last school trip to Bali. These are the photos (and a video).

I thought this statue was hilarious.


Enjoying me ice cream.


Me and my cornrows (that got itchier by the day (yes i did wash)).

At the Green Camp.

Chocolate granola. In my belly.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Wish Life Was Simple

I wish
Life was as simple as 
Drinking tea
On a cold day

I wish
Life was as simple as
Wearing shoes
For a day out

I wish
Life was as simple as
Strolling through
A park in Spring

I wish
Life was as simple as
Peeling an
Unripe orange

I wish
Life was as simple as
Treading through
Falling, thick, snow

I wish
Life was as simple as
Chasing the
Boy of your dreams

I wish
Life was as simple as
Coming out
Of wild currents

I wish
Life was as simple as
A bullet
Through my head

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Safe and Sound

Late nights, early mornings
Waves crash down and down
There are no warnings
No stop sign, no red lights
Am I safe and sound?

Light knocks, scratched knees
No pain felt they're numb
Pain is felt, the knocks grow stronger
A slow, steady drum

Let the flood, let it spread
Don't sink, my dear
It's getting to my head
Scratch the sand
Don't let it stop you- fear

Latch on, it pleads to me
This fight is a war
I have bled my share
Defeated, on the floor

Last repeat, one after another
Waves crash down and down
There are no warnings
No stop sign, no red lights
Am I safe and sound?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Night

Quiet snores,
Bedsheet ruffles,
Night Sounds,
That sound like roars.

Small lamp,
Notebook, pen,
AM two-ten,
Black ink scribbles with heavy lids.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Shirt- Taobao// Shorts- Abercrombie & Fitch// Blazer- Initial// Shoes- Cotton On

I definitely need posing lessons.

I got this knit top recently and I'm digging it. It's different from everything I own and it's comfortable. And airy, because of the holes.
It's perfect for the current weather of hot but windy- purpose of holes, duh.

I also rarely wear denim shorts. Or short shorts. Just personal preference. I prefer to not have my ass hanging out (or underwear, see this post).
But in order to casual-ify my blazer, I went from the denim. Queue extensive pulling-on-shorts-trying-to-make-them-longer-and-cover-my-whole-butt.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wired Cafe

Location: Shop 1403-04, 14/F, Hysan Place, Causeway Bay

We were torn between Amaroni's and this since they are right next to each other. Next time I know to choose Amaroni's.

According to OpenRice, this is a Japanese restaurant. Which confuses me even more, since from start to end of my meal there, nothing about it struck me as Japanese.

Dessert came first, no complaints. Dessert is an all-day thing.
This was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
The 'pancake', to me, tasted a bit like a souffle (not the puffy bit). This is the Apple Caramel Dutch Oven Pancake. I think.
The mountain you see in the middle is a mountain of cream. A little bit disappointing, but the rest of the dish made up for that.
It's soft with a nice crunch of biscuit and almonds, not much apple taste, but yummy nonetheless.
(possibly biased because we were quite hungry- or i was)

Chicken and chips.
Sounds quite simple, nothing you can mess up right?

Chicken was good. But it was 3/4 fat, 1/4 meat.
I ate it anyways.

The problem I had with this were the CHIPS. 
Cold, a little bit hard, dry.
My school canteen can do better than that.

Unless you like the combination of mushrooms and tomatoes, don't get this.
It's weird, I don't know how else to put it.
My tastebuds were confused.

This was nothing like it's predecessor, the dessert dutch oven pancake (above).
I personally think that it is simply the combination of these two that made it especially weird and dissatisfying. There are so many other combinations of food out there, even more generic ones. 
Ham and cheese? Beef and ______? (i ran out of ideas)

General Score: 4/10
This was my first time and we did only try three dishes, so maybe there are others that are better. Perhaps one day I'll give this restaurant another go.
This restaurant only got a general rating of 4 because the dessert pancake pulled it up a little.

*sincerely apologise for lack of posts and videos! there will be a lot more coming, i'm going to bali for a school trip tomorrow! (today because it's 1am)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

First Winds

I felt the first sign of autumn today,
When the wind blew the hair out of my face,
And the wind on my bare skin,
Was cool.

It was soft,
It was refreshing,
It was the first sign of autumn.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Waiting For Autumn

I apologise for the lack of posts (specifically outfits) lately, school has been so hectic. I also cannot really promise any outfits soon, but I do post regularly on my Instagram!

I should probably mention that these outfits are based on Hong Kong autumn. Which is almost non-existent since it basically goes from summer to winter here.
These outfit combinations were created out of my yearning for autumn with sweat, and the inability to work on school work.

(click photos for outfit details)

No A/W lookbook is complete without a dark lip. Let's be real.
My obsession with turtlenecks has also grown exponentially since autumn started everywhere else in the world (that have autumn) and Hong Kong is still warm. Very warm.

Since last winter I've been looking for The Perfect Trenchcoat. The one in the photo is what I would describe as The Perfect Trenchcoat. I have two trenchcoat-like coats in my closet at the moment, although neither are as perfect as this. 
One day.
Also, joggers. Highly approved of by me because they are the stylish sweatpants. They could technically be considered sweatpants, but my version of sweatpants are a lot baggier than that.
Creepers are quite subjective, I've come to realise. I've also grown to like them. Which is why I recently ordered a pair off Taobao, which you will probably see soon.

Do yourself a favour and buy a sweater dress for A/W.
I saw one in Zara the other day and I knew. 
It's so easy to wear, so incredibly comfortable, and you can bundle yourself in it.
I have yet to get a sweater dress myself, but know that it too, is coming.

I am aware that this is also a turtleneck.
Like I said, the obsession is real.
You have no reason to not feel fierce when wearing this.
Stompy heels and a varsity jacket, you are queen, my friend.

If you decide to wear any of these outfits or have taken inspiration from them, please send me photos!
Twitter and Facebook are preferred.
You can also check out more outfits I put together here!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Skin Madness

From the start of my summer holidays (June 30th), my skin started becoming a lot worse. It was gradual, and I was in Singapore for a month, but even when I got back to Hong Kong, it just kept getting worse. So finally we decided to go to a dermatologist.

This was taken on 11th August, after I got back from the dermatologist.
This is the worst my skin has ever been, I would say.

These were the things I was prescribed.

(Please DON'T purchase these yourself (i don't know if you can) without a doctor prescribing it to you)

1. Roaccutane suppresses the oil produced in sebaceous glands. It not only makes your face drier, but your whole body.
2. The antibiotics are so that my acne does not get infected.
3. Cleanser for cleaning my face (we think that it's Cetaphil, it smells like it).
4. Toner, not for cleaning, but actually for moisturising as well.
5. Moisturiser for use after toner, if my skin still feels dry.

If you live in Hong Kong and are looking for a good (but expensive) dermatologist, here are the deets and beets.

Week 1

Week 2
Unhappy because pimples.

Week 3
Doctor increased my dosage to 20mg instead of 10mg --> Drier skin

Week 5
This is today. I look all kinds of shitty because I've been sick this whole weekend and missed school today. 
Really annoyed with my skin since tomorrow is photo day at school and I look like I'm dying. But we'll see what I can do with a little makeup.
Also for some reason, my skin (whole body) has been extremely dry since I got sick and I've been getting at least two nosebleeds a day. (wow so fun)

(I missed Week 4 because I forgot lol)

Friday, September 5, 2014


Top- Urban Outfitter// Shorts- Bershka// Shoes- Zara

Thank you Nat Tao for taking photos for me hehehe.
These were taken at the Quintessence auditions which is a charity show held by a few of my friends, so check it out!

These are my friends. Bud buds. Homies. Shorter-than-mes.
We call ourselves MANS, which is just a combination of our initials. Very creative, right?

I opted for a very colourful look with some tie-dye and weird patterns.
Despite being a libra and always needing balance (it's true), fashion doesn't always have to be balanced.
I'm gonna wear a multi-coloured top with multi-coloured shorts because I feel like it.

I made the mistake of wearing the wrong underwear with these pair of shorts.
You can't see it in the photos because I strategically hid them in my shorts (I rolled it up). They were a bit too long and these shorts are a bit too short and those two do not go together so well. Commence excessive butt touching and shorts pulling.

September needs to end right about now.
My work load is a rocket that only keeps going up.
However, this stress and workload makes me very productive and makes me feel very good about myself.