Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Shirt- Pull & Bear// Inner Jacket (you probably can't see it)- Abercrombie & Fitch// Outer Jacket- Forever 21// Jeans- Bershka// Shoes- Pull & Bear// Bow- Forever 21

Christmas holidays and my family are here so we went to Tai O!
For people who don't live in Hong Kong/China, you probably have no idea where or what this is. But essentially it is on the far west side of Lantau Island, where everything is still quite traditional, stilt houses being the most popular attraction (photos 1 and 3).
Brief introduction done with. I thought it was going to be semi-warm that day, nope. I wore three thin layers hoping that it was going to be enough. Nope. The difference between the cold everywhere else and the cold here in Hong Kong is that our cold is the wind. Does that make sense? It is because of the wind, that's why it's cold. Moving on.
Still one of my favourite jackets (see jacket story here), but sadly not warm enough. I'm also really into crazy pants, or rather, unique pants? But I am also getting chubbier by the day (plus Christmas, wowowow) and my hips are not getting any smaller. So, many of my pants/jeans are getting ridiculously tight, aka these pair of neon orange jeans. I still love them, they are just SO tight. 

Christmas post coming up soon. In the mean time, check out my instagram for almost-daily updates!