Monday, November 18, 2013


Top- Gap// Shorts- Primark// Shoes- H&M//Socks- IT

Taken by the one and only BCHK.
If you're thinking, WHY ARE YOU SO GREEN?, you've come to the right post.
Sometimes I like to pick a random colour and wear everything in that colour scheme. No particular reason, just because I feel like it. But if it's because it's time, then i'll wear.... another colour. Cold weather is HERE. (that's not a hyperlink) It is time to bust out the sweaters and jackets. I got my green stripey shirt from Gap last year and it's comfy and warm but thin! So iz very good. Next are my socks which I showed in my favourites post before. They are dinosaurs and are so cute, especially the yellow spine. (is it called spine?)
There were lots of funny photos but Brian didn't post them (shame shame).
I'm special, you're special, we're all special.