Thursday, November 14, 2013


Top- Topshop// Skirt- Zara// Jacket- Forever 21

Taken by the one and only BCHK. This series of photos is my favourite as well as Brian's!
(while shooting the epiphany was it was Rumi Neely-esque. "DON'T TOUCH YOUR HAIR.")
I bought this jacket start of summer. Wanna hear the story? Here's the story: I bought it in HK when summer holidays started and it was too warm to wear so I brought it on holiday. And then left it in the hotel in Cuenca... When I got to London, my mama and I went to the F21 there and got a new one because I really liked it. #dedicated Bottom line, I've been wearing it a lot because it's purdy and it's not stiff which means it is comfy, to a certain extent.
Here's another story to my top: Went to Topshop and thought this was a nice crop top. Bought it. Didn't realise it literally ONLY covered my boobs. I don't wear this often but when I do I wear it with something super high-waisted or else I feel to exposed.
My skirt is new! It's the faux leather sort of material which I love and if you look closely in the photos you can see that it's sort of shredded. I didn't think much of it at first and didn't think of getting it but my mom was like !!!!!!!GET!!!!!!!! so I got it. I likey though.
It's getting colder now so this probably isn't the most appropriate outfit but if you're not afraid of the cold, bare away!
Hong Kong is home.