Thursday, November 28, 2013


Top- Forever 21// Skirt- Brandy Melville

Much stripes, very reveal.
Taken by the one and only BCHK <3
This top is not exactly my favourite top because it is so, so short and is not that comfortable... Stoopid me and my impulse buys. It's not as short as my topshop crop top though.
It was very cold today so this outfit probably would not have been warm. But if you live somewhere.. warmer, but getting cold, then this should be good. I don't like crop tops that are too short because when you raise your arms your boobies probably show.
This skirt is a nice skirt. Super comfy unlike my top. I've probably said this before, but Brandy Melville is severely overpriced and the first and last time I went there I tried to buy things that were sort of worth buying. This was sort of worth buying because the material is soft and stretchy. Not shopping there again though, unless it's something I REALLY want. Sorry.
I didn't actually realise that both my top and skirt were stripes. Horizontal stripes make you look skinnier! That's what my mom tells me. I don't know if it's true or not. You tell me from these photos?

I'm currently wearing my giraffe onesie because I am extremely vulnerable to cold and I am very cold at the moment.