Friday, November 8, 2013


Dress- Cotton On// Necklace- Shop in Nepal

Taken by the one and only BCHK :)
Even though it's considered 'autumn' now, the weather in Hong Kong is still pretty damn hot. I got back from Nepal two weeks ago, hence the henna and necklace. (photo diary of Nepal will be up soon so keep an eye out for that!) I kind of quite love long dresses, even though this only goes up to my knee. So simple and comfy, and if worn right, can be supa classy. Because this dress is kind of tight, a special type of undies is required. I hope from this and all my other posts you have come to realise that I am very open and if you don't feel comfortable then.... soz. I've got big hips, as you can tell from the photos, and it's something I always hide because I just don't like it. Until the day these photos were taken when Brian (of BCHK photography, who took these photos) said to me after taking these photos, "Curves are really good/important." and from that I've become less conscious of my big hips. (shoutout to Brian for taking time out to help me take photos and for a good time shooting :) ) People always say that they can't wear long dresses because they're not tall enough. Gurrrllll long dresses are for everyone. Wear whatever you want! That's all for now. Hong Kong colder pls.