Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wondrous June-September Favourites

Cat headband!!! From boutique, or an instagram store to be specific. It's metal with pearls on it and it actually gives me a bit of a headache sometimes but you know what they say, beauty is pain. Not that I look particularly beautimous in it, but I do look like a cat, and cats are wondrous creatures. Low behold, my cats.

Catography is my hobby when I am bored at home.

 This beautiful sort of floral printed cropped AND off shoulder top is from the almighty Primark. Kind of tight and hard to put on, and the material is kind of weird, but it's alright overall. I usually have to wear it with either high-waisted shorts or skirts but the shirt is just wondrous.
 Behind the scenes picture- my room and i are not very attractive most of the time

 Okay to be honest I haven't had these for very long but let's just take a moment to absorb their beauty. They are silver. Silver high tops. 
Silver. High tops.
This is me all in one.
The only downside is that it's got the heel inside, and sure it gives me more height which is awesome but, I just don't like it. I can take it out, but it's not as comfortable. Anyone else not really a big fan of the high tops with heels?
Oh they are from b+ab.

 Cutouts, heels, chunky booties: trends at the moment.
Not much of a trend person but I am aware of the trends, and sometimes the awareness messes with my brain and it's like oh yes this one is nice. No but really these heels are so pretty.
They are from the wondrous Topshop and were kind of expensive, but I love them so much it doesn't even matter.
I own an excessive amount of shoes for a (just) 16 year old.
I can't remember if it was 40/50 pairs in total.

 I've never been a clutch person, because of the fact that you just have to hold them all the damn time, and this is my first proper clutch but for some reason I have been loving this and using it semi-often.
This is from American Apparel and it is true leather, not that fake pleather stuff.
The fact that it is real leather and the colour of it together is just so appealing and it is quite big so put whatever you want in it!

 This wondrous, wondrous bomber jacket is from an instagram shop yet again, but you can actually get it at River Island I think? Not sure.
Bomber jackets are becoming a trend now, but I actually got this before this trend started... 
But really I love this jacket for days I'm going out, or days I know I'm going to be in airconditioning.
Usually when I go to school I wear things that are going to keep me as cool as possible, because it's hot out. But when I get to class or in the common room, sometimes it can get really cold, and that's when I whip out this baby. It's light and small so it fits well in my bag.
The only downside is that the material is just not very comfortable. I think it's polyester but I'm not sure either. I can get over that just for the look of it though.

 Moving on to this baby...
This is from Bath and Body Works and the scent of this is just, wondrous.
It smells so fresh and sweet and it smells like.. leaves but better.
I also have the shower gel of this but it's running out so I'm trying to ration it.

My obsession these two months!
Just wow.
It's fruit, but in chewy, wondrous form.
Fruit itself is already good, but fruit leather.......
I reckon I could eat five in one day. 
(ten is a bit too much)

Next fav is my desk!
Yes, I finally got a desk. And no, I did not have one before.
If you can't tell from my photos, my room is fairly small. I had to squish this desk behind my door. 
Is my posture better? No.
Am I more productive? Probably not.
Do I work better? Ehhh.
But having a desk just makes me feel a lot more studious although I may not be.
It's a psychological thing.
You wouldn't understand.
(I don't either)

Both pairs of socks are from I.T.
I've mostly been wearing these socks with just white sneakers so you can see the entirety of my socks in all it's glory and colourfulness.
Who doesn't like strawberries and dinosaurs anyways?

That is all my friends bends wends tends. Not sure why I decided to do this random favourites post but ya! Hope you enjoyed it. Because.....