Saturday, September 7, 2013

FNO' 13

Shirt- Primark (Atmosphere)// Skirt- Boutique// Shoes- Topshop// Clutch- American Apparel
Photos taken by me/Sophie

My first time at Fashion's Night Out HK!
Honestly I just went for the free stuff and for a chance to meet some people.
And as you can see, I met Zoe Suen from Fashiononymous. You'd think that, with Hong Kong not being that big, and with international school students intertwined with each other, I would have seen or met her at least once, but nope! But I'm so happy I did and she seems like a nice person as well. She's one of the reasons I started fashion blogging, and she's one of my fashion idols. Truth! I also met Bryant Lee from Fashoncrave and I think he's so cute!
Free Sift macarons, popsicles, champagne, orange juice etc., that's already a legitimate reason for going.
These shoes keep chafing my fourth toe on my right foot. Always that toe. Dammit shoes.
It's been a pretty awesome day, and I am tired. So tired.
Over and out, friends.