Monday, August 19, 2013


Top- Boutique// Skirt- H&M// Flip Flops- Havaianas

This was in Prelog in Croatia visiting my mom's friend's family.
Before this I was actually in Zagreb as well at Plitvice lakes but there wasn't much of an 'outfit post' there so I just didn't bother.. If you do want to see the photos though, do comment and tell me!
It was pretty cool. They had a garden with really really sweet pears (i really love pears) and home grown veggies and stuff like that. I always tell myself that one day I'll get my own garden too.. But I doubt it.
I'm also really happy with how my photos turned out! In case you haven't noticed, I really enjoy taking photos with Rico my camera.
And sorry I only have two photos of my actual outfit here... But at least you can see it! :)
I'm so proud that I'm posting every day!
But this might stop soon since I go back to school tomorrow....... crai.
I start the IBDP tomorrow!!!
Once I finish uploading all my photos from my holiday then it might be a while till another outfit post.
Apologies in advance, but for people who have done IBDP probably know how time consuming and stressful it is.
Last two years of secondary here I come.