Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Top- Boutique// Shorts- Pacsun// Shoes- H&M

Day trip to Budapest, Hungary!
I don't really like how I edited these photos but i really cannot be bothered to change it so I'm going to leave it as it is.
We drove from Prelog to Budapest which took about five hours I think? I don't really remember anymore (like how I don't remember anything else).
And I also found out when I got there that Budapest was made up of two towns(?)! Buda and Pest!
The pretty cafe in the photos above is New York Cafe which apparently is quite popular in Budapest. I had a creme brulee coffee so I was quite content.
It was pretty much sightseeing day the whole day, and it was really hot.
Overall it was nice though, just, you know, normal sightseeing. A bit of a bore, but as long as I have food I'm totally good.

Second day of school, first day of classes today!
I've already got a kind of thick stack of paper and a bit of homework.. Oh IB...