Thursday, August 22, 2013


Top- H&M// Skirt- Brandy Melville// Sunglasses- Rubi

We are now onto Paris!
We stayed in a hotel sort of near everything, which was good since we were only there for two days.
After we got there, we put down our things and went straight out to the Louvre which are the majority of photos in this post. It was quite cool and there were so many people!!! I also didn't know that it was free entry for under 18s so that was awesome.
We spent most of the day there and it started raining after so we went for a walk around Lafayette.
The last photo is a photo of my 'seafood salad', not much of a salad really, considering the amount of seafood there was. It was honestly very, very filling and I didn't even finish the entire thing.
That was my day in Paris! Second day in Paris coming tomorrow.

Third day of school today, ToK day!
It wasn't really particularly fun.. No offense. I really appreciate the teachers putting in the effort and everything but the only part that really talked about ToK was the first two lessons.
Nonetheless it was alright, and school will be school!
Tomorrow is Friday and I have a full day of classes tomorrow.. Maths first..
I should probably get to work (I have work and it's only the third day crazy right, well not really according to IB and school)