Saturday, August 17, 2013


Top- Topshop// Shorts- American Eagle// Jacket- Forever 21// Shoes- Lefties// Headband- Boutique

It apparently takes me a very long time to be motivated to compile and edit my photos. Seriously though it's not very fun at all, unless you look super attractive in all the photos which is not always the case.
I can't say the exact address of the windmill place but all you have to know is that, it's in Spain. So are the other photos with the houses on rocks. The rocky place is called Cuenca, and I also left my lovely jacket shown above there, but thankfully when I got to London I bought another one. Because that is how much I love it.
We drove to the windmill place then straight to Cuenca which was quite a long drive though I don't remember how long... When we got to Cuenca it was night and we went for a night tour sort of thing which was really nice, and slightly cold. Spain? Cold? Crezee right.
My crop top is lace, thought you can't really see it. But it's lace, I promise. Is it weird that I don't own a pair of lace undies? 

I dyed my hair a lighter brown! :)
Here are some photos for your enjoyment. Or my enjoyment. Because I'm not sure if people actually read what I say or whatever. I don't know. Oh well.
My facial expression=His facial expression (the show is Hi My Sweetheart! (it's totally awesome and worth watching))

Left- contact Right- no contact aka normal

Contact and light brown hair

That is all my animal friends becauseiloveanimalsbutnotinsectsihateinsectswithallmylifethatsnotevenajoke!