Saturday, August 17, 2013


Dress- Bershka// Flippy Floppys- Havaianas// Bikini Top- Pacsun// Bow- Forever 21

The cathedral/old majestic looking building is Sagrada Familia which was quite pretty. But that's really all I can enjoy.
No more boring ponytails!!! Bows are so cute. Personally I think that the American Apparel ones are way too overpriced, so Forever 21 it is!
My dress is pretty much the perfect summer beach dress. Bras? Who needs those when you're wearing a strapless and can't see a thing!
And paisley. Again. Paisley. If you've seen one of my previous posts, you'll know my paisley obsession, though it's sort of worn down now. But still that bikini top was so raaaaaad.
Barcelona beach holla! There were too many people though and the water a bit too cold..
Nonetheless, Spain and lots of food.