Monday, June 24, 2013


The first thing you do when you wake up is look around. You wake up with the utmost happiness because in those few seconds, or minute of grogginess and just waking up, you forget everything, except maybe the dream you just had, which hopefully was not a nightmare otherwise this whole theory would be bullshit.

You wake up, back into reality, out of your fantasy dreams, or a dragon chasing you. You think of nothing for those few seconds, and then, is when your mind is most pure. No sadness, no pain, no worries.

Then it hits you. This is reality. Pure contentment does not exist. Perfection is but a definition, and the world produces no such thing. You remember that you, like every other human being, have your own problems, problems that can or cannot be resolved.

But that's the thing, these 'problems' in our world aren't really problems. They are things we make up. People make things so much more complicated than they seem, and out society is so involved and influenced by the media that we are now molded by it.

It's a never ending cycle that once started, cannot be stopped.