Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Paisley- A distinctive intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures based on a pine-cone design from India. Named after the town Paisley, Scotland, the original place of manufacture.

Definitely my favourite print at the moment. I don't really know how to describe why I like it, but on the plus side, at least it doesn't look like a plant cell under a microscope, which is a reason why I dislike many prints.
Sadly I do not own any clothing whatsoever with the print. Besides my mom's multi-coloured hand towels that I didn't even know were paisley until I looked carefully.
(I am currently looking for pictures of paisley clothing to put in this post, but honestly everything i'm finding looks like shit. The more I look at it, the more it looks like cells. Oh no.)
I realised that paisley, like almost any other print, only looks nice when the colours are the right combinations.

This is actually so beautiful. The colours are so pretty together and plus, it's off-shoulder. I cannot resist off-shoulder, oh my goodness, it is my weakness.
All photos credit to: asos

I feel like this last one might feel a bit like wearing a carpet, but overall, I think that paisley is quite a stunning, beautiful print to wear.
If anyone sees this post and is then compelled to buy something paisley, tell me.
Or if you do buy something paisley after seeing this post, tell me as well.
PEACE, all you lonely cat women. (aka myself)