Tuesday, January 8, 2013


    So I lost my phone today. Well I dropped it, I think about 50 feet from my block but only realised another 50 feet later and immediately ran back, but someone had already picked it up. So that means it could have been one of the people I actually ran past who picked it up. Well to the person who picked it up and decided to not pick up any calls and switch off my phone, to put it nicely, I hope you step in dog poo, trip and fall face first on the ground, walk into a wall, and maybe get run over. And lose your phone too. In other words... f you, you ball of crap!

   On the bright side........... There really isn't much to a bright side to this. I lost a supposedly $3000 phone which is kind of new, by the way, and all my photos and messages. And everything else, basically.

   But anyways, my mom quite immediately canceled my sim card/phone or whatever which is good i guess. And I also get to have a new phone now... Yay? I might take the money in my piggy bank to go get one though, just so I'm technically not using family money...

    Well there's my rant for today! I will tell you when I get a new phone. In the mean time... Let us reminisce my dear, Samsung SIII.

From most recent to the first selfie I took with my phone..
RIP phone. Or rather, goodbye.