Monday, November 19, 2012

Beneath My Feet

As I watched the cars drive by,
I imagined I could fly,
I saw the world beneath me,
And all it was was sea.

The world beneath my feet,
The people that I meet,
Smile with joy and happiness
Hiding behind was sadness.

We all put up this mask,
It's not an easy task,
A mask to hide our inner feelings,
What are we but human beings?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things Unsaid

The things unsaid that go through our head.
Things unsaid might be better off unsaid.
Things unsaid might be better said.
If the things unsaid were said, everything would be different.
There are reasons why things go unsaid.
To protect others.
To protect yourself.
Simply because the things unsaid might be a little weird.
But I know that the things unsaid, in my head,
if known by certain people,
would hurt those certain people.
Or surprise.
Or scare.

Truth is I don't know how much longer these things unsaid can go unsaid.