Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 41-54- Hong Kong

Because everyone loves Hong Kong. Most of the time.

Day 41-
Lunch with my best friends. First time I saw them this whole summer!
Abercrombie and Fitch just opened in Hong Kong so obviously we went to check it out.. We were hoping to get photos with the models but we didn't because we came at the wrong time so we only got photos... of the models.
Then I watched Total Recall with another friend of mine. It was quite a good movie, I liked it. The story was a bit predictable but overall still a cool movie!

Day 42-
Watched Bourne Legacy with a couple of friends. Didn't really understand what was happening a lot of the time but the action made up for it.
Then we went swimming and.. I drank a lot of pool water. Not intentionally of course. I managed to do a legitimate dive! Even though my bikini top came off along with that, no one saw so it's alright!

Day 43-
Couple of friends from camp came over to my place and we watched High School Musical 2 (of course) and just had a good time! Very relaxing but after dinner we got back to my place and we made 'music videos' heh.

Day 44-
Lunch with a friend at Ajisen Ramen.
Fusion! More worship time, more prayer, more testimonies etc. And we brought a non-christian friend and she enjoyed it! Well she enjoyed it enough..

Day 45-
Went to church, always quite fun. I get a hug from a really cute guy at church every sunday, quite exciting really!
I then had a really big lunch. I had half a footlong from Subway and half a McDonalds meal. I was hungry that day.
We went to another church to listen to their mission sharing which was basically people who went on mission trips sharing their testimonies and whatnot. Quite interesting considering they went to Sabah and we went there for Discovery Week (aka camp) last year.

Day 46-
I got a new phone! Got the new Samsung S3. This is what happened. We were going to the store to renew my plan and then they were saying that I could get a new phone for a certain price but I decided that I didn't want a new phone because the phone I currently had had a really nice keyboard to type on. Then my mom says that she wants a new phone, the Samsung S3. She said she'd give me her iPhone and she'd use the S3, so I thought, that's a pretty good deal right. When we get home, my mom says, why not you use the S3 and I'll continue using my iPhone? I was really confused but I was fine with anything so I just took it. I like it but the keyboard has no auto correct and it is so frustrating.
I also got a cartilage piercing that day.. Finally! I'd been wanting one for a while and when we bought a necklace from Mabelle, they gave us a coupon that entitled us to two free piercings so my mom (who was against cartilage piercings at first) asked me if I wanted my cartilage pierced! So of course I said yes, how could I deny a free piercing?
(I'm not typing this on the day by the way, and right now it's been about a week or two and my piercing is starting to get infected. Why is it so hard to keep any of my piercings uninfected..)

Day 47-
Went candle shopping! I have a candle fetish, if there even is such a thing. My love for candles is infinite. Enough said. When I get older and can have my own house, I'm going to have a whole wall/racks entirely for candles. I can just imagine it now..

Day 48-
Got a couple of friends over for a little party. We swam a bit and my mom barbecued food and we karaoke-d! It was fun overall because it's always fun with your friends.. Some of my friends finally met my mom (she's a cool mom.. most of the time) and finally met my cats! My fat cat is named Sean and the other one is named Kitty. Two of the cutest cats ever.

Day 49-
Fixed my phone because there was something wrong with the 3G.
Explored Hysan Place! Seems like it's going to be me and my friends' regular hang out place now..
Had a meditation session at night with my lovely lavender candle. Read up on repentance and whatnot.

Day 50-
Stayed at home.. Played on my iPad.
Had dinner at the Yap's! Nothing much I have to say. Except the fact that the son of the family is friendly and actually makes an effort to talk to me which is always good. He's a year older but people around the age of 14-17 are quite similar to me..

Day 51-
I have been painting and cutting up my cereal boxes, I plan to make a house but I'm not sure now because it will probably be really flimsy and if I add furniture in it, it'll probably collapse.

Day 52-
Went to church again! More testimonies and worship time.
Spent time with a couple of friends in Causeway Bay. Shopping mostly..

Day 53-
We actually invited quite a few people to come but in the end it was just me and another friend eating sushi together. Which was alright because we've been friends forever.
Another one of our friends called and said he was coming but was going to be late because his mom pulled him out to Shenzhen early that morning.. I was surprised for a second there. I always have a good time with him because he's just that fun type of person and when you're around him, it's nonstop laughter.
I met up with another group of friends and we went for dinner at this Japanese restaurant which was delicious by the way.. Then we had dessert at McDonalds, where else?

Day 54-
Last day of summer... I specially left this day completely free to prep for the first day of school but honestly, I did nothing. I actually just lay in bed all day watching Youtube videos and going on 9GAG. I cooked dinner at night though. Which was a failure because I apparently don't know how to cook rice. In a rice cooker. I just don't know how much water to put..! So it became a sticky substance with random bits of bacon and vegetables in it. I also made teriyaki chicken which tasted alright but looked dodgy, I think part of the reason it looked dodgy was because I used the wrong parts of chicken. At least now i know!

And that is my summer. I hope (whoever reads my blog) had a good time reading my summer series! Back to school we go...