Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 33-Day 40- Singapore

Home! I'm half Singaporean, if you didn't know.

(Sorry this is so random, didn't really do anything specific)
I spent a few days just chilling at home, eating, watching the olympics.
I did quite a bit of shopping too! Went to Topshop mostly, who doesn't love Topshop. (Wish they had Urban Outfitters too though)
I can't express enough how much I love Singapore food. Durian.

We went to Sentosa! I haven't been in such a long time and I don't really remember anything about it but we went to this thing called iFly. It's basically indoor skydiving and it was so fun. It's actually only really strong air blowing you up but it was a great experience. We also met Taufik Batisah there! He's the first winner of Singapore Idol or something heh. That morning we went kickboxing and went to the gym as well. The only work out or exercise I did my whole summer.

On one of the nights, my moms friends came over for dinner and we had such a big dinner. Chilli crab, pepper crab and my favourite meats..

Durian, om nom nom

Taufik Batisah