Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 6&7- Greyson Chance

Day 6-
Woke up late, played World of Warcraft for about two hours. Went for a nice body massage then had dinner at the Tam's. That's it really! It was also a really clear and sunny day which is always nice.

Day 7-
It's been ONLY a week since Summer started. Whhaatttt. It feels like a month's passed already. So basically I woke up kind of early, early for me at least, and made myself look nice for my event today. Which I will get on to in a bit. Went to Tsui Wah to meet a friend, been reading Catching Fire throughout the whole day and I NEED to finish the book, I cannot express how much it has lured me into the story already. It's amazing. Suzanne Collins, I salute you! The love triangle and all the crazy events that happen are incredible. Moving on! After eating and everything, we go to Langham Place and the line to take a photo with Greyson Chance is incredible... Yes, I met Greyson Chance. And he is the cutest. And it's great that he was still putting on smiles and everything for us because it was so obvious he was tired. I also didn't expect him to be this tall... He's my height or taller even. I always imagined him to be a little kid I guess. Even though really, we're the same age. I gave him dried mango and tictacs because I watched a video and he said he liked dried mango and tictac! So... yknow... that it is! He's the cutest, really. After that we went sticky piccing. Hah, back to primary! Never really gets old, it's always still as fun. That's pretty much it. It's been a tiring day!

Me and Greyson Chance :) I look so happy.